Arc II, Rhino Focus, Rhino System Motors

What is compatible with Rhino EVO sliders?

  • Arc II 
  • Follow Focus (requires Arc II)
  • High Torque Motor (with an upgraded Drive Shaft End Plate)
  • High Speed Motor 
    • As a note, you will not be able to access the tripod mounting threads on the end plate with these motors mounted.
  • New Rails featuring Tripod Quick Mount

Is Rhino Motion EVO compatible with the new Rhino System?

  • You can use the EVO Motion motor (Ethernet port versionwith Arc II to control linear movement.
    • EVO Motion controller will no longer be used. Arc II has a built in controller or can be controlled via iOS app. 
  • Shutter release cables from the EVO line will work with the new Rhino system

Is Rhino Arc EVO compatible with Arc II and focus?

  • No

Is Rhino Flywheel compatible with Arc II?

  • No, but Flywheel can be used on both EVO and new Rhino sliders. 

Is ROV compatible with the new system?

  • No, ROV is not compatible with the new system or EVO.

Is Arc II compatible with other brands?

  • No

Arc II app:

  • iOS - yes
  • Android - no, however we are looking into releasing an app for Android users. Arc II does have on-board controls, so an app is not necessary to use Arc II.

 Camera Compatibility with Arc II:

  • Any camera with setups 15 pounds or less
  • For the Advanced Time Lapse feature - most DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras. Please see our list of shutter release cables for supported cameras.

Lens compatibility with Rhino Focus:

  • Rhino Focus will include different sizes of focus rings and will work with most all photography lenses. *Note we haven’t tested every possible lens and there may be some exceptions.
  • Please keep in mind that Rhino Focus works with most all combinations of cameras and lenses.
    • There may be some untested setups that won’t work, such as a Sony A6300 with a Zeiss CP-2 (large cinema lens). In cases like this you can buy a riser for your camera to make the setup fit with Rhino Focus.
    • Cinema lenses have built in rings and won’t require the use of the included focus rings.
    • Fly by wire lenses are not compatible

 V1 Sliders are not compatible with the Rhino System

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