ROV Accessories

Can I use my own accessories with ROV? (mics, tripods, ball heads):

 External mics and tripods should work just fine, however ROV is not designed to work with third party ball heads. 


Are the backpacks weather proof?

No. However they are tolerant of light mist.


Can I fit all of my gear into the ROV backpack?:

The backpacks can fit ROV, small tripods (in the side pockets) or bigger tripods in between the bottom and top pouches. The top pouch can fit your lenses, chargers, cables, ball head, phone mount. The top pouch's inside layout is also customizable to fit your small accessories.


Is the phone mount and ball heads included with ROV?

A phone mount is included with a ROV Mobile purchase. A phone mount and ball head is included with ROV Pro. 


What is the Variable ND filter for and what does it do?



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