Which tripod should I get?

If you are looking for a tripod to mount your new Rhino Slider EVO to, here are the two tripods that we use regularly and recommend often. Additional tripods recommendations can be found in our video How to Choose a Tripod.

For a 24" Rhino Slider EVO and for when you want a lightweight setup, we recommend the Manfrotto 755XB. It is lightweight, portable and can support up to 15.4 lbs of gear.


For a 42" Rhino Slider EVO we recommend the Manfrotto 546B. It has a maximum height of 60" and can support up to 44 lbs of gear. When you get the 546B, make sure to also get the 75mm Half Ball to give your tripod a flat base to mount the slider to.



  • If you are using a 42" slider and camera setup heavier than 5-10 lbs, we would recommend either using two tripods (one mounted to each end plate) or attaching sand bags to the base of your tripod. 

  • If you are center mounting a 42" slider on a tripod (even the 546B) without added support when using a heavy camera setup, you risk having the tripod and slider topple over.

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