Partnership Opportunities

We love working with content creators, filmmakers, and videographers worldwide. There's a few different partnership options we offer.

  1. Content: As a brand, we love quality content for our social media channels. If you’re a full-time filmmaker that shoots b-roll, interviews, product shots, and time-lapses, we would love work with you in exchange for:

    - Inspiring slider videos
    - BTS video and photos of getting the shot
    - 60-90s video showing the shot and how you got it
    - Storyteller Spotlight blog and email blast (this is how we like to promote you)
  2. Review + Affiliate Revenue: If you have a YouTube channel with over ~20K subscribers in the filmmaking space, we would love to hook you up with some gear in exchange for:

    - Professional ~10 minute review
    - You get 10% commission from sales on your affiliate link
  3. Short Film Contests: Run a short film contest on your channel, sponsored by Rhino
  4. Rhino/Take 43 Podcast: Are you an expert in video? If so, join Dru and Aaron on our Podcast.
  5. Storyteller Spotlight: We send out this email a few times a month to highlights a filmmaker, their story, and how they use Rhino in their workflow.
For more information email us at

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