Loyalty Upgrade Program

Rhino is proud to offer existing customers our Loyalty Upgrade Program, where customers who own EVO Rhino Motion and/or EVO Arc receive a 50% discount off Arc II and other accessories


Only 3 Steps to the loyalty program: 
  1. Reach out to support@rhinocg.com with your EVO system Proof of Purchase (Motion and/or Arc must have been purchased to be eligible)
  2. Our support team will reach back out to you with a 50% discount code.
  3. Place an order directly through our site, enter the code and the discount will apply to your cart. 


Promotion Q & A:
Q: What EVO products do I need to be eligible?
 A: Your proof of purchase must contain Rhino Motion and/or Rhino Arc to be eligible.
Q: What if I purchased my EVO Motion and Arc from a reseller? Can I still participate?
A: Yes, definitely. We just need proof of purchase (purchased from an authorized dealer).
Q: What can I get with my 50% discount code?
A: Anything on our site can be purchased with the code. Popular purchases include Arc II, motors, sliders, the Hard Shell Case, Power adapters, Rhino Focus, and Extended Warranties. 
Q: Can I use the discount code if I decide to purchase from a reseller?
A: No, the codes are specific to our website and can only be used on orders placed directly through Rhino.
Q: How does the discount code work?
A: This discount code does not have an expiration date and can be used on multiple items, but is limited to one order.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team with any questions or to begin the process for your loyalty program.

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