Lens Compatibility With Rhino Focus

 Rhino Focus will include an adjustable focus lens gear and works with most photography lenses.

*Note we haven’t tested every possible lens and there may be some exceptions.

Known Compatibility Issues:

  • Sony A6300 with a Zeiss CP-2 (large cinema lens). In cases like this you can buy a riser for your camera to make the setup fit with Rhino Focus.
  • Focus by wire lenses are not compatible
  • For long lenses, the focus gear may not be long enough to reach the focus ring on the lens. We recommend measuring the distance between the body of the camera and the focus ring on the lens to confirm compatibility. 6"-7" or less should work fine.
  • Panasonic GH4: Due to the hand grip on this model, focus may not be able to line up with certain short lenses (see below for reference). Our recommendation is to use a camera riser or grip to elevate the camera allowing the focus unit to go lower than the camera body and connect that way, or look for camera adapter which will push the lens out a little further. Here is a link for examples. Note: You'll need to find an adapter specifically for your camera model and lens, if there is one.

If you have any questions or would like to report a lens compatibility issue, please email support@rhinocg.com

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