Rhino Motion

Rhino Motion enables you to capture stunning Live Motion and Time Lapse in a single unit. Using a powerful, ultra precise drive system and a built in hi-capacity battery, you can film on multiple shoots without needing to swap motors or use external batteries.

  • Easy to use controller and compact design
  • Nearly silent motor
  • Full color QVGA screen makes navigation quick
  • Built in hi-capacity li-po battery
  • Single motor for both real time and time lapse moves
  • Patent-pending "Turn wheel to slide" moves your camera when you turn the wheel
  • Powerful Advanced Time Lapse mode programs amazing time lapses
2.6 lbs (1.17 kg)
Load Capacity
25 lbs (11 kg) horizontal, 5 pounds (2.26 kg) at 20°
Battery Life
7 hours. If you enable power saving mode in Settings, you can get up to 24 hours of battery in Advanced time Lapse.
Battery Type
Controller battery is a custom lithium ion polymer 2-cell battery 23.3 Wh 11.1v 2100mAH
Charging Time
Should charge to full in 2-3 hours. Not recommended to leave the controller on the charger longer than 6 hours.
Charger Specs
-100-240V input, 13.5V output, 1.33A
-2.1 mm barrel connector
Motor Cable
Cat5e Ethernet cable. Cat6 or greater is recommended for lengths over 100 meters (328 feet)
 NoteWhen using a lower voltage than 13.5V, the battery will not charge to its full capacity. Do not use a higher voltage than 13.5V, as it will damage the battery and/or cause system failure.

For more information about Rhino Motion click HERE

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