Calibration Issues

As of 2/1/24 Rhino Evo system is end of life and is no longer serviceable. Reach out to support for our heavily discounted upgrade options.

This article will review what to do when:
  •  The EVO Motion controller displays a “Calibration Failure” message.
  • The slider carriage moves to the end of the rail, but the Motion unit does not recognize the carriage has reached the end and the motor continues.
  • Unexpected noise from the Motion motor.
Calibration issues are typically caused by a loose drive shaft pulley and/or a loose slider belt. The pulley screw, shown in the center of the picture below, connects the drive shaft (where the motor mounts) to the belt and lets the motor move the slider carriage.

How to check and tighten pulley

Confirm pulley is tight:

  1. Hold the carriage still with one hand. Do not move the carriage.
  2. Twist the drive shaft (without the motor on it) with your other hand.
  3. If you’re able to twist the pin without the carriage moving, then the pulley is loose.

 If the Pulley is loose:

  1. Locate the small hex screw on the pulley (see image above). The hex screw is just above the teeth that connect to the belt.
  2. Push the drive shaft down towards the pulley as you tighten the pulley. This will prevent the drive shaft from coming loose.
  3. Tighten the small hex screw using a 1.5mm hex wrench.

If the pulley is tight and you continue to have issues, the slider belt may need to be tightened. The video below shows how to tighten the belt using the belt tensioner screw located underneath the slider's carriage.

(Fast forward to 4:40)

Reach out to if you are still experiencing issues

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