How To Update Firmware

As of 2/1/24 Rhino Evo system is end of life and is no longer serviceable. Reach out to support for our heavily discounted upgrade options.

To update firmware on the motion controller, you'll need a MicroSD card. Recommended cards and requirements can be found at the bottom of this article.
Steps to update firmware:
  1. Download the update.bin file and place it on a blank micro SD card.
  2. Insert the card into your motion controller.
  3. Navigate into settings on the controller and select "Update from SD".
Having trouble updating?
- Try again, sometimes it take a few times for the controller to recognize the card
- Make sure the Micro SD card being used is larger than 4GB and smaller than 32GB.
- Confirm file name is "update.bin"
- Confirm card is "clicked" into the port. You may need a pen or something similar to fit

If issue persists reach out to

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